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ESG is at the forefront of everyone's minds. But in a market beset with mixed messages, it can be hard for IFAs to know exactly where (or even if) ESG connects with client objectives.

■ What is ESG?
■ How is it different?
■ Where is it useful financially?
■ How do I discuss ESG with clients effectively?


We explore these questions and others using real life case studies to highlight the commercial and financial impact of ESG - helping you put client interests in centre-focus.​

Our introductory video takes you on a whistle-stop tour of ESG.

■ How ESG is different from SRI/ethical/impact investing?

■ Is ESG just another marketing label?

■ Is ESG little more than virtue signalling?

■ Is ESG a temporary phenomenon that will soon pass?

■ Are there any real financial merits?


We use real life case studies to explain the value of ESG from a commercial and investment perspective. We show how IFAs can use ESG as a tool depending on the specific financial objectives of a client.


Focussing in on the ENVIRONMENTAL element of ESG. we look at companies like BP, Clearway Energy, NextEra Energy Partners, and CarbonCure in order to learn whether environmental risks have any material impact on capital growth and dividend income.


Linked Article (see 4:21)


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