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Will Emtage

Will has 10 years' experience in sustainable investment; deploying impact capital to support a range of innovation projects and net-zero initiatives. He helps organisations create and embed strong revenue-centres at the heart of sustainability programmes – in turn enabling those programmes to raise capital on favourable terms, and deliver measurable impact at greater scale. He also advises the Energy for Tomorrow social impact fund on core asset management functions, with a dual focus on benchmarking and financial performance.

Will created ESG Oracle to help bridge the gap between finance and sustainability. His purpose is to facilitate productive use of capital by promoting a more accurate understanding of how ESG criteria translate (or not) to real-world outcomes. Will has an MA in International Relations from the University of Durham, and currently lives in London, England.

Hannah-Polly Williams

Hannah-Polly has over a decade of experience in social impact design and implementation for leading international NGO's, Foundations, Businesses and Think-Tanks. This broad experience across stakeholders and disciplines enables an holistic viewpoint.

She has a BSc in Economics from LSE, a MSc from UCL in Global Governance and Ethics, and an executive MBA specialising in Sustainability and ESG from Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge. Hannah-Polly is based between Paris and New York.

Michal Gabrielczyk

Michal brings over ten years’ experience in economics, strategy and innovation in the transport, telecoms and technology sectors with a particular focus at the intersection with policy and regulation. He has a particular interest in the role of both emerging technologies (IoT, AI, 5G) and regulation in ESG risks and opportunities.

Michal holds an BA in Geography from the University of Cambridge and an Executive MBA from Cambridge Judge Business School.

James Kinch

James has experience working as a consultant in the engineering sector and has a keen interest in sustainability and infrastructure resilience. He is currently specialising in using and managing data from the built environment to understand energy usage and sustainability metrics better. He also writes regularly on the topics of energy, infrastructure and Digital Twins.

James is currently a MRes + PhD Student at the University of Cambridge, carrying out research into how technology can be leveraged to deliver more sustainable energy consumption for our buildings and cities.

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