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Will Emtage

Founder & Editor

Statement of Purpose

"To deliver commercially useful ESG insights..."

Environmental, Social & Governance factors (ESG) increasingly shape the business world; permeating the way we assess risk, enter transactions, and consider potential avenues for investment. At ESG-Oracle our guiding belief is that well-informed investors ultimately make better decisions.


We exist to provide you with commercially useful ESG insightsThe information we present will be paired with relevant contributions from guest authors, and supported by a growing library of case studies that examine how ESG considerations play out in real-world commercial pursuits.

Our three core commitments:

  • We will always link sources so you can trace information.

  • We will examine issues from multiple angles

  • We will adapt to your feedback

Our target is for ESG-Oracle to function as a central hub for reliable, accurate and relevant ESG insight - organised logically, presented clearly, and written succinctly.


Will is the Founder and Editor of ESG-Oracle.

He has 10 years' experience in sustainable investment; deploying impact capital to support a range of innovation projects and net-zero initiatives for public and private sector clients. 


He currently lives in London, England.

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